Trucking-Times Refrigerated Service helps to carry out transportation by refrigerators in USA uniting customers with carriers on its platform. The service efficiently calculates the route taking into account the quality of roads. This allows the shipper no longer spend his own time and energy on telephone calls with drivers.
This type of service will be most relevant for the transport of flowers, food (vegetables, fruits, meat products), plants, medicines and frozen convenience foods. Transportation of the goods requires particularly careful temperature control, compliance with sanitary standards and the use of the most modern equipment. We will not only provide you truck with a refrigerator and will bring your load but we will also develop the best logistics strategy for its delivery, taking into account all the features of a particular load. Whether it is frozen meat or fresh flowers will be delivered in full compliance with the temperature regime, without delay or errors.

Examples of efficient refrigerated transport from the Trucking Times Refrigerated service has long been the best solution if it is required to carry out responsible transportation of valuables under special conditions. The Trucking Times regularly carries out the transportation of such goods:

  • Mineral water and other non-alcoholic drinks
  • Medicines
  • Transportation of food concentrates
  • Feed and agricultural products - textile products
  • Exhibition materials
  • Products of the chemical industry

Trucking Times has undoubted advantages that will affect the speed of delivery and the preservation of values. Each client has the opportunity to evaluate

  • Precise control and compliance with the optimal temperature regime for a particular product
  • The ability to consolidate values and dispatch load at the same time
  • Competent assistance at any stage of service
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