Team Expedited Service is one of the frequently used service of Trucking Times. Team Expedited service will certainly help you out in cases where you cannot lose a minute. Experienced and attentive Team will perform expedited delivery. Due to the large number of carefully tested and proven logistics schemes, we transport the goods entrusted to us in the optimal time.

Team Expedited service includes

  • Selection of a vehicle based on the characteristics of the Load
  • Development of an optimal driving route
  • Control over the safety of Load, compliance with storage and transportation conditions
  • Monitoring the condition of the load, meeting delivery deadlines and generating a report for the client

Using the Expedited Service of Trucking Times, you will receive a number of significant advantages

  • The service involves the preparation, which protects the client from the negative consequences of various force majeure circumstances
  • Our Team tentatively estimate delivery times and develop an optimal route for the movement of goods. The importance of this factor can’t be overestimated especially for perishable goods, where any delay threatens the loss of a whole batch of goods.
  • Based on the characteristics of the Loads, the most suitable vehicle is selected, the optimal route is built, and thus significant savings in transportation costs are achieved.

Thus, the Expedited service plays a very significant role in the transportation process and serves as a guarantor of the safety of goods at all stages of distribution

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