Dry Van

Dry Van is the most demanded type of service of the Trucking Times. Our company provides Dry Van services in all directions. Dry Van services and their consolidation requires a lot of experience to ensure optimal loading of loads, selection of a consignment of goods of appropriate volumes and strict adherence to deadlines. Our company provides Dry Van services at a high professional level and delivers loads with thoughtful transportation schemes and in full compliance with the established deadlines. Our company carries out Dry Van services on a regular basis, as this service is in great demand among our customers. In particular, Dry Van makes it possible to transport any goods, including consumer goods, for which our company provides the appropriate vehicles.

Depending on the geography and specific conditions of loads, we collect goods from suppliers and deliver them either to the consolidation warehouse or directly to the recipient. For Dry Van services, we attract only experienced drivers who have repeatedly carried out regular loads along these routes and know all the details of transporting goods over long distances. At the request of our customers and our own strategic settings, our target business segment in Dry Van services is gradually expanding in such a way that we remain one of the best on it. To make our customers happy!

Scheme of work


Online or by phone. The client sends us a request for delivery and customs clearance of Loads(description, characteristics of the loads, dates, addresses and special wishes)


We select logistics options, explain nuances and agree on all conditions and prices


Pick up the goods from the supplier We take the loads from facility control the loading and etc


On time and in safety we deliver the goods

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